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So I built this thingy

Meilisearch is an open source, drop in, direct replacement for Algolia. A lot like Klevu, this tool allows us to stand up a powerful search and index engine to make our frontend experiences better.

Meilisearch uses the same open source library as algolia - so most of the code in your frontend is identical if you switch from one to the other. This is super handy because of the great docs algolia maintains for these components.

The downside is the platform doesn’t have a full featured GUI like Klevu or Algolia. That being said, I’m working on changing that for the learns.

Video !

As a way to better share ideas and knowledge, I’ve started using various video platforms to record some things. This should help condense a lot of writing in these posts moving forward.

This post is mostly a test to see if an embeded video will work the way I expect, but also to show something I built last week, and have been tinkering with. This video was aimed at work colleages, but nothing work specific besides a few acronyms was mentioned or shown.

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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