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Hi! This is my blog.


I keep this as a sort of wiki and how-to guide for future me, on various useful topics. Generally I keep my notes and how-to guides in Evernote, but there’s a lot of content worth sharing. The content here is largely the ramblings of a full stack Magento engineer, and previous Sysadmin. I am qualified to ramble, I think.


Finding solutions to problems and curiosities is the most satisfying feeling. When you finally build a way from A to B and it works. Hopefully this content helps you achieve that, just as a good deal of content out there has done that for me.

I plan to leave notes on a lot of topics I find useful and interesting:

  • n8n.io
  • Vue 3
  • Quasar
  • Craft CMS
  • GraphQl
  • BI tools and techniques
  • Magento 2 (A lot of this)
  • PHP
  • Web Development
  • Microsoft server management
  • Data pools
  • ETL and Databases
  • Linux
  • General Sysadmin for small to medium business
  • Powershell

As a secondary objective, this serves as a portfolio. I would encourage any prospective employers or connections to browse this blog and review the types of challenges I encounter, and the solutions I use or create. In my experience, one thing a CV cannot do thoroughly is show the work.