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SITREP 02 2023


I haven’t contributed to my own darn blog in a while now so I figured an easy way to get back into things was just to write a little update.

Pivot! Pivvott!

I’ve been hard at work for Relias and loving it. While I still work a lot with Magento, I have left a lot of the Windows world behind. I’ll be pivoting this blog a bit to my current curiosities and work related skill silo topics.

The Fun Stuff

Here’s the stuff I’m up to:

  • Main Apps in use:
    • VSCode, PHPStorm, Datagrip, Postman, Terminal tools
  • Main tech stacks in use:
    • PHP for Magento 2 and Craft CMS,
    • Vue 3 for frontend,
    • TWIG for frontend templating,
    • TypeScript and JS,
    • Docker and DDEV,
    • Mysql/MariaDB/Postgres/SQlite,
    • ElasticSearch,
    • OpenSearch,
    • Redis,
    • RabbitMQ,
    • Mailhog,
    • Nginx,
    • Certbot,
    • bash I guess counts
  • Platforms:
    • Magento 2 EE on cloud with 3-4 stores and domains
    • Craft CMS for various frontends, twig serving vue is actually quite nice.
    • n8n for micro service api magic and workflow automations
    • Digital Ocean for personal hosting and testing
    • Azure Container Apps and VMs for work hosting
    • Bitbucket and soon BB pipelines

Now what?

Well I’ll be trying to codify a lot of the fun things I’ve built in the past year and get back to doing regular updates here.

I’ve realized I would use this blog more if it wasn’t hidden behind my github.io domain, so I’ve reconfigured it to be my homepage for my Weeumson.com domain.

I’ve been using Loom a lot for video recording and sharing- This will be a great place to serve those embeds as well so stay tuned for posts with video as well as text :D

… Now what was I doing before this distracted me..

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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