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Meili-Manager Update!

This is Meili-Manager, a Quasar app built to help manage your Meilisearch instance(s). It’s been a little side project of mine for a few weekends.

I’ve made some posts about it already, but this post is around the time that most of the features I think necessary are now active. Really cool stuff like a full blown JSON editor for documents, and API key management.

How to run the thing

You can run this locally or hosted. Currently the demo is at https://meili-manager.vercel.app/#/

The repository can be found here: https://github.com/Bwilliamson55/meili-manager with better documentation of the details.


Current feature set as of this posting:

No more manual API calls to change settings

  • Indexes
    • List, Create, Edit, Delete
    • Statistics and status
  • Settings
    • Per index, full settings object available to edit
    • Intuitive web form rather than raw JSON
  • Search
    • Interactive Vue instantsearch widgets in each index view
      • Stats
      • Search Query
      • Sort Options
      • Filters
      • Refinements
      • Hits
  • Keys
    • Create, edit, update, and delete API keys
  • Tasks
    • View and search through the latest 1000 tasks in real time

Walkthrough of app in current state

As always, I hope you found this interesting :-)

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.

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